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Spushnik is an independent and artist-led record label (if such exists in present days), making music available directly from creators to listeners without artistic intervention. The first releases fall into the chillout and downtempo genres, but Spushnik will experiment with anything that needs to be heard, regardless of categorization and across boundaries.

I started Spushnik to release music deemed 'commercially too risky', music the bigger labels or genre-specific labels wouldn't take on in the current low of music sales. I also wanted a way to get my friends' music heard outside Finland, a need which is greatly helped by the emerging digital download sites like beatport.com.


Mar 4, 2006 Free chillout music from Softys This is a new project which will test the waters of free online releases while providing listeners additional visual pleasure in the form of generative computer art. Animations, that is. Everything can be remixed and shared. Go to the Softys site to get started.

Jan 1, 2005 Slusnik Luna tracks available at foryourears.com Tracks from Aamukaste 5AM are now available on the finnish electronic music MP3 shop foryourears.com. For licensing restrictions, the Sun mixes are not included.

Dec 22, 2004 Aamukaste 5AM in all major Finnish stores You can now get the Slusnik Luna album from all well-stocked record stores around Finland.

Oct 20, 2004 Slusnik Luna's Aamukaste 5AM released The album is officially out now and available at independent Finnish record stores. Outside Finland you can still get it online at beatport.com.

Oct 4, 2004 SPUSH001 release delayed Problems on the manufacturing stage have forced us to set back the release date of Aamukaste 5AM until 20th of October.

Sep 20, 2004 Aamukaste 5AM pirated before release Immediately after sending out the first ten promos, the new Slusnik Luna album appeared online accompanied by a scanned promo sleeve. You would think the music reviewers would be the first people to support independent music – well, think again.

Aamukaste 5AM sleeve

Sep 10, 2004 SPUSH001 out now Our first release Aamukaste 5AM – The Slusnik Luna Chillout Collection is out and exclusively available online at beatport.com. It consists of 11 chillout tracks remixed and put together from the body of works created by Slusnik Luna during their 10 year career. CD version of Aamukaste 5AM will be available in Finland only on the 6th of October.

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